Saturday, July 9, 2011

Devo Doodles (#4)

It usually starts something like this.  Not much.  A line or two.  A scribble here or there.  No calls from the art world at this point.  Soon.

Then it goes to something like this.  A few more tries.  Still nothing much.

At this point whatever it is, usually gains weight.

Then it loses weight, but gets bigger.

Then it kinda does both; but  with more hair.

Next panic sets in, we  go back to an older one, add more hair, darken.

Next, we go back to ANOTHER older one and just look at it for a while.  Make snack.

Then suddenly there's a big turn.  Hair is added, sideburns, gets bigger, then shoulders...whamo!  Hope!

Refine.  Lose sideburns, add finger.

Finger was a GREAT idea, decide to add whole body.  Enlarge!

OK, body was a bad idea.  NO body.  But BIGGER head.

Now add color, some sideburns (again), and replace the finger with what could be either a microphone (if this is Elvis) or a golf club (if this is Bob Hope with side burns).

Now stand back and take a look , while notifying the art world - who've obviously lost my number.

Take one last, final look.

Now, BLINK once, and...



What just happened? 

Who cares?

Now, insert verse (may have to stretch or cram as necessary)

"And do not be conformed to this world, 
but be transformed..." 
Romans 12:2

As together we stand and sing.


Done.  Post it. Cake.


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