Friday, September 23, 2011


WARNING For those of you trying to read this without first reading "It Happened - Part 1" have no one to blame but yourselves.  For those of you who HAVE read Part we go!

Welcome to Part 2, everybody!

Isn't this exciting?


Guess I kinda said everything I was gonna say on this in Part 1.  Still, Part 1 wouldn't have worked without Part 2 it is!

How exciting.

Poor Joel Olsteen.  I remain out of his reach.  I can out preach him with one Bible tied behind my back; and do so on a consistently devastating basis.

I hope all the Blembers (blog-members) who were affected by yesterday's "Day of No Blermon" can forgive me.  Surely you can see now that it was all part of my master plan.  I only did what I HAD to do in order to have this historic DOUBLE BLERMON DAY.


OK.  Good job, everybody.  I'm gonna go eat a donut now.

As together we stand and sing.



Well, it happened.  They said it was bound to. 

Naturally, my critics are giddy.  The Blembers (blog-members) of this Blurch (blog-church) heartbroken.

After over 185 consecutive days of consistently inspiring, pretty much Bible based, award-winning, world-class Bleaching (blog-preaching) we have been forced to witness the bloody, heartbreaking demise of one of the most influential Blogs ever typed.

Yesterday, for the first time in over 185 days, The Semi-Daily Preacher posted...NO Blermon from Brother Preacher. 

Easy.   Breathe.  You may wanna sit down.  Its gonna be OK.  I know what I’m doin’.  I’m a Bleacher (blog-preacher) for cryin’ out loud.

I know many of you are devastated by this disturbing development.  There have been reports of hundreds of hospitalizations from Blembers across the country, several who lost consciousness.  There have been some suicide attempts, some riots, and one guy in Texas who joined the Marine Corp to “take back what America lost.” 

Who’s to blame for this travesty!?  What’s next?!  No Christmas?  No gravy for biscuits!?  It must be the end of the world!!!  Surely the 3rd rider of the Apocalypse has just mounted up and headed out to make all the whole milk in the world skim.

And of good cheer.

What you THINK happened is actually part of a huge, semi-global, master-minded scheme to take the Blembers of this Blurch to heights of excitement Joel Olsteen couldn’t even dream of.   Joel Olsteen is lame.

Unbeknownst to even my wife Gidget, you are all a part of one of the most elaborate and exciting experiments in all of Bleaching (blog-preaching).  You are right now in the middle of experiencing PART ONE of the world’s first....


You say, “I don’t get it?  This seems stupid and lame.”

But as the voyeur once said to his trainee, “Hide and watch.”

Part 2 of this exciting adventure is coming in a matter of minutes!!

Stay tuned!

As together we stand and sing.