Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today we have a Guest Bleacher (blog-preacher) that I believe will leave many of you in shock.  That's right, Joel Olsteen is going to be giving the Blermon (blog-sermon) today.  It doesn't take but a cursory reading of this blog to know how I feel about JO - still, I am happy that he will be gracing us with his presence, and I can only hope that we will all be blessed as a result.  So it is without umbrage, or whatever, I introduce to you Brother JOEL OLSTEEN!  Please make him feel welcome!  


OK, well...what a surprise.  It looks like pretty boy has stood us up.  Get what you pay for!  (Sigh)

Of course my critics will say that I should have actually "made contact" and "told" Joel Olsteen that I was expecting him to Bleach today, and that by NOT telling him that his AWOL-ness is somehow my fault.

HA!!!  Silly critics...this is Joel Olsteen we're talkin' about.  I'm in the clear.  Mr. Big Shot should have known what I wanted him to do. 


Bottom line: I am STILL a better Bleacher than Joel Olsteen. 

Now THAT's what I call a GOOD Tuesday.

As together we stand and sing.