Monday, December 26, 2011


Whew!  Well, THAT was a close one!  But hey!  You made it!   So take some time and give yourself a nice, well-deserved pat on the back!  You made it through another Christmas and you aren’t in jail OR the looney bin! 

Considering what the Holiday season has become in recent years - this is actually quite an accomplishment.

The presents, the mounds of honey-baked whatever-it-is, and the full-contact shop-a-mania are finally over and done with for another year.  You are FREE!  All that pressure about who’s going to who’s house, and what to get Aunt Tiddler has also past. 

So live it up!  Pull the over-flowing trashcans filled with once-used wrapping paper and discarded worthless packaging to the street, get those lights off the house, and the reindeer out of the yard and for once in 2 months let’s order some pizza for dinner instead of turkey. 

Why not? Look, Christmas is OVER, let’s try to enjoy ourselves again.  It’s the LEAST we can do. 

Let’s lose of the “Happy Holidays” greeting and get back to the more comfortable:  “HEYYY!” or “THERE he is!” or  “HEYYY...there he is...YOU!” 

Let’s wear sweaters we’d LOVE to be caught dead in - instead the ones with all the snowflakes and snowmen and bells on ‘em.  Let’s play some Springteen and Pavorotti in the stores again for cryin’ out loud.

Christmas is over!  So we can lose the crowded, silly, mindless, worried, guilty, stressed out schedule we’ve been on the last few months and get back to living and treating each other like human beings again!

After IS Christmas. WAS anyway.  You get it.

As together we stand and sing.           


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