Friday, September 2, 2011


It was bound to happen. 

Having easily conquered the Blogosphere in just a matter of weeks with my amazing Blermons (blog-sermons) and Bleminars (blog-seminars) - I’m now up to OVER 33 followers, by the way - it was just a matter of time before the next victim of my amazing talent would raise its skinny head over the fence and into my deadly sites. 

You heard it here first: the time has come for Brother Preacher to be on TV!  

Call it: Brother Preacher TV.  Or BPTV.  I can already see the t-shirts.  Heck, I’m already wearing the t-shirts in my mind!  And the official lanyard/dental floss combo necklace.

You say, “ Brother Preacher, are you saying that you just landed a TV deal and will soon be on national and semi-global television, coming into our homes on a weekly basis!?”

No, that is NOT what I’m saying.  What I’m saying is that I just got the idea that I SHOULD be on television in my head.  And THEN I thought if I DID have a show, I would have my wife Gidget make some t-shirts that say “BPTV” on the front of them; possibly with some sort of pulpit-y design on the back.  It would be a smash.

Since I’ve got too much writing to do as it is, I’m thinking it should probably be some sort of Reality TV thingy.  Have a couple cameras follow me and Gidget around on our many adventures as we go about our day writing sermons, going to lunch, cutting out flannel graph Bible characters for VBS, visiting Shut-Ins, mowing the grass.  I mean look; there are 5 or 6 episodes right there! 

BP Mows The Grass!
BP Loses His Sermon For Sunday!
Gidget Cuts BP’s Hair!
Oops!  Another Baptism Blunder!

I’m not saying it would be a show for EVERYBODY.  But I think there would certainly be appeal for some.

Of course we could also scrap the whole reality angle and just go for a straight “dram-edy” about 4 Preachers traveling around the country in a van.  Call it “The P Team” (for Preacher).  We’d have the van loaded up with power point sermons and some machine guns.  Then each week we’d go into a town, blow up some bridges, solve a case, and then hold a gospel meeting.

Now THAT I like.  Don’ steal my idea.

As together we stand and sing.