Sunday, April 24, 2011


There once was a small, plastic egg lying in the middle of a field.  Early one Sunday morning, the little egg began to move and shake.  Suddenly from out of the egg popped a sweet, little, white bunny surrounded in green, plastic, fake grass.  

As the bunny grew he became known throughout the whole forest as the sweetest bunny who ever lived.  He had a particular fondness for chocolate.  And kids. He was also one of the finest basket weavers in all the land.

Each spring the bunny would make hundreds of baskets filled with chocolate and candy and chocolate eggs, and scatter them throughout the forest in the hopes that children would find and collect the candy and chocolate and chocolate eggs and eat themselves silly as a way to welcome in the coming season.

Everyone loved the bunny.

One Spring, the bunny was out scattering the candy and chocolate eggs throughout the forest when an evil hunter shot the bunny dead right between his ears.  Then he wrapped the bunny in some fake, green, plastic grass and buried him in a plastic egg in the backyard.

The children were devastated.  And the people of the forest wondered if Spring would come without the gifts of the bunny.

Then 3 days later..the bunny arose from the dead...covered in chocolate, with delicious candy eyes and a bow between his ears.

One of the children doubted it was really the bunny come back to life, until he stuck his finger in  the hole still covered by the bow between the bunny's ears. 
After that, everything was cool.

And that little bunny's name...was Jesus.

Somethin' like that.

Honestly, Easter confuses the sap out of me.  

Happy Easter - eat a bunny.

As together we stand and sing.


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  1. You are killin me!!! Happy easter! Brother preacher, we hope you and Gidget ate well today.... Surely some of your parishoners fed you both...