Sunday, November 13, 2011


 They said it could never be done...

Well OK, I said that...several times...a day...for 2's how I keep myself motivated.

But today, an impossible dream has been realized.  Today the long-awaited, long-threatened, 49 minutes long, Brother Preacher CD is finally here!  

Just in time for Thanksgiving presents!

Look out, Joel Olsteen.  Wipe that smirk off your face.  It's just a matter of time before I get ME a basketball stadium and a see-thru pulpit.  Anyhow...where was I?

We've taken some of my finest preaching moments (from my TOKENS sermon series) and strung them together, with a couple of original preaching tunes and some soon-to-be-award-winning behind the scenes interviews, and have created what MAY be the finest collection, of stupid preaching ever recorded.

And from what people who have already heard the CD are saying, I will either be preaching in a stadium by the end of the year or disfellowshipped.  It could really go either way.

Little wonder.  Just take a look at some of the important church-y, preacher-y topics I cover on this CD...
 The church, and my chances of being able to get a preaching job anywhere ever again, will never be the same.  You better act fast.  I don't think they let you sell sermon CD's if you've been disfellowshipped.

So click on the link below to hear a sample of some of this pew-shaking, belly-aching preaching...

...then go here to order your copies of my new CD today:

Get one for your wife, one for your husband, get a couple for your kids.   Kids LOVE preaching.

And be SURE and get a couple for your poor, 'ole lonely preacher.  It will hurt his feelings at first, knowing that he will never be able to preach as good as me, but believe me, he will be thrilled to finally have some some fresh preaching material that he can steal and call his own. 

And don't forget your FACEBOOK friends.  I figure if we can get every member of this Blurch (blog-church) to order just 2 copies for every "friend" they have on FACEBOOK - I should be able to break even on this thing.

Gidget made it pretty clear that I need to break even on this thing.  So uh..."Get Your Preach On" everybody.

As together we stand and sing.