Monday, April 25, 2011


This BlurchTM (blog-church) continues to amaze the entire world - most of all me.  

In all my years of Preaching and now, BleachingTM (blog-preaching), I have never seen such a BlurchTM with such consistent breaking of world records and expectations, almost on a semi-daily basis, as is done here at the SDP.  

Now I know what M&M must feel like like - if he was a Preacher instead of a...whatever he is.  

I'm talkin' about the rapper, not the candy.  Although I feel like I know what it's like to be a successful candy as well.  You'd be surprised how similar they are - rapping and candy.  Thus...candy wrappers.  Candy is complicated.  But I digress...

Believe it or not, you are at this very moment reading the FORTIETH consecutive posting of the Semi-Daily Preacher (SDP).  FORTY!

Success is so sweet...with a hint of coconut. 

Now I already know what you're thinking - 

40 days.
40 nights.
40 Tribes of Israel.
40 plagues.
Ali Ba Ba and the 40 thieves.  

It doesn't get much more Bibley than 40.  Except maybe 7... which we passed up 33 ago.  And everyone knows 33 is more of a highway number than a Bible number.  Which is why I didn't mention it when we passed 33.  Anyhow...

To celebrate this milestone I'd like to introduce a new feature to the SDP - with a little thing I like to call "GUEST BLEACHERTM OF THE WEEK".  


1.) Because I'm out of bloomin' ideas.  And #2...

2.) I want to give you, the BlembersTM of this BlurchTM the opportunity to Bleach on any topic you'd like to, once a week.  And...#3...

3.) I'm out of ideas.

So in the comment section of this blog, write what you'd like to BleachTM on, maybe a short outline, what dog story you might use, favorite joke, or poem, and maybe the movie you'll be copying your sermon from.

Finally, include a brief rundown of your preaching experience, where you've preached before, number of times you've been fired, number of full immersion baptisms you've done, and from which Preacher School you've been booted.  

Then if it's good enough (or if I still don't have any ideas) YOU may be our first "GUEST BLEACHERTM OF THE WEEK"!!

How exciting.

Of course if it's REALLY good - I'll just steal it and BleachTM on it myself.; which is GREAT for me.  And what an honor for you!

I need an M&M.

As together we stand and sing.


PS - To all my skeptics out there, here's a newsflash: I sold my Yugo Saturday.  Another satisfied fellow gas sniffer has hit the road!  Gidget was ecstatic.  She has her garden shed back.


  1. Congrats on selling the Yugo. But what will you do for sequels to its movie.

  2. I would like you to consider my guest bleaching on the topic of sports in general as it relates to the Bible; beings that I'm not a man or dog, I haven't officially been hired to preach although my husband says I preach a lot for not getting paid... Of course I might use Rocky III or Slapshot for my movieclips. I'm sure you'll have many far more qualified in the area of dunkings AND firings.
    40! That's amazing. Selling the yugo. Even more amazing. Howdy to Gidget.