Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I just found one of the most game-changing, Pulpit-altering innovations in preaching since the invention of the 3-point rhyme scheme.  It's called...

...the "PASTOR DO NOT SHOOT" t-shirt!!

I think I just found my first product line for my website. How handy for a preacher!  To actually have an article of clothing that encourages people to NOT shoot them!  With THIS kind of innovation, EVERYBODY will wanna preach!

Just think of it: you're a Preacher in a Grumpy Elders meeting; just as things start to get a little on the "mouthy" side, you unbutton you're dress shirt to reveal...

Whamo!  You're in the clear!  Preach what you want!  Who's afraid of a grumpy, old elder now!?!

You're out door knockin', with a handful of Gospel Meeting Tent Revival fliers in hand.  They see you coming up the sidewalk, load their gun and start to get a bead on you when at the last minute they see through their high-powered scope...

SAFE AGAIN!  Tent Revival fliers all around!!!

You're wife Gidget has had her ever-last fill of you and your stupid, non-traditional views on dish cleaning.  Who cares?  Just walk out the door with confidence, knowing that she will not blow your head off with her new shiny Christmas present.  Why?  Because you've got...

Sigh.  This is great.

I wonder if I can get this in a 42 regular 3-piece suit for Sunday mornings?

As together we stand and sing.