Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I want us all to take just a brief moment to contemplate a couple of things...
First of all, Gidget is again leaving town tomorrow.  Which always means there is no guarantee that I will eat (veggies), exercise, or get my Blermons out on time.  

There's also the whole not wearing pants thing.  But let's not get into that here.

We can only hope she won't be gone for long this time.  As you know, this humble Preacher tends to go a little "native" after so many days on his own. OK,  maybe not "days".  It's more like after 7 minutes of her leaving the driveway.  Sue me.

Let's face it, I require a fair bit of monitoring and gentle correction.  They say Billy Sunday and Moses were the same way.  And secondly...

Is the above drawing a guy praying or some kind of featherless duck?

I really have to stop drawing with the lights on.

As together we stand and sing.