Monday, September 12, 2011


This is going to be a highly unusual Blermon (blog-sermon) today.

As most of you know, normally this is the place you come to everyday for award-winning, spiritual teachings, world-class poetry, and first-class commentary on the state of Bible Hour Puppetry. There's no other Blurch (blog-church) like it on the net.  Or IN the net for that matter.

I am the kind of Bleacher (blog-preacher) who gives and gives and gives some more, on a semi-daily basis, just shy of it hurting.  Joel Olsteen  barely pulls THAT off even once a week.  Gimme a break. He calls THAT preaching?  Anyhow...

But today is different.  Today instead of GIVING of myself and my vast knowledge, instead of imparting universal truths that I pluck from my brain like so many cherries from a Hi-Ho Cherry-o game board, today I must ask YOU, the Blembers (blog-members) of this Blurch for help.

You see, we have another TOKENS show coming up very soon and once again, I have been overloaded in my writing and sermonizing duties.  Sadly, when this happens I tend to phone in my Blermons, much like I'm doing now.  Because when I am in TOKENS mode I kinda go into an altered state of creativity and innovation, the likes of which the world has never known.  I don't shower, I don't shave, I forget to eat.

So I'm just wondering if someone out there could help. 

While I keep typing, I need someone to go pick up my mail and put new tags on my car. 

I also wouldn't turn away a nice, homemade egg salad sandwich and a milk shake.  Easy on the mayo.


As together we stand and sing.