Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We’ve all known the surprising power of what I like to call, “The Pebble In The Shoe”.

Now that I think of it, I suppose I’m probably not the FIRST guy to CALL it that - but I’ll bet I AM the first one to type it up and try to pull it off as a sermon.  We all have our talents.  Anyhow... 

You can be having a great day, feeling terrific about yourself and your kids and the world; you can be in the middle of closing in on a multi-million dollar donut shop deal, when all of a sudden, right in mid-stride, right at the apex of the best day of your life, suddenly and without warning - WHAM! - It HITS.   The “Pebble In The Shoe” appears in your life and without permission or consideration for YOUR plans or schedule takes center stage. 

Suddenly, you go from a strutting, confident man about town to a limping, crawling, whimpering, mass of self-pitying putty.
It’s not a pretty sight. 

Suddenly all conversation stops, high-powered meetings come to a halt, smiles are gone, and laughter turns to anguish.  Whatever plans you had for your day and life have suddenly been put on hold while you are forced to deal with “The Pebble In The Shoe”.

At this point you can really do only one of two things: you can tough it out, ignore the pain of that little rock sticking you in the heel with every step you can take can stop, sit down, take off your shoe and address the problem “at foot”.

Here’s a hint: you WON’T be able to ignore the pebble for long, so you’d better just find somewhere to sit down and deal with it.

Here’s another hint: whenever possible...BE THE PEBBLE in someone ELSE’s shoe.

As together we stand and sing.