Saturday, October 1, 2011


Dear Blongregation (Blog-Congregation),

Earlier this morning I was abducted by my wife, Gidget, and am now being forced to participate as her Sherpa at a mile long yard sale in the wild back country of Tennessee.  

As those of you who know me are already well aware...I'm probably not gonna make it.  I'm a Preacher for cryin' out loud, not a pack mule.  I haven't lifted anything heavier than a Bible Concordance for 22 years.  The longest walk I've been on was when I dressed up as the Apostle Paul at an outdoor V.B.S. and delivered cookies to "the Churches of Ephesus" - AKA Grades 2-4.  Plus that, I have never understood the whole "buying other people's junk" thing. 

I want you to know you have been a wonderful Blurch (Blog-Church) and no one has been a better Bleacher (Blog-Preacher) than me.

Be of good cheer - wth the Lord there is always hope.  

It could rain.  

Gidget could become distracted by some project here at home.

And of course...I could always die.  

In the end know that while it's too late to fast,  you can still pray for get to it!

As together we stand and sing.