Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I do believe my favorite Mondays are Tuesdays.

Or, to put it another way: Tuesdays are my favorite kind of Mondays.

Whenever Monday is really Tuesday I REALLY like Mondays.  Otherwise, I don't care for them all that much.  Especially on MONDAY.  I'd probably like 'em even BETTER if they landed on Thursdays.  And a good, solid Friday/Monday would be fantastic.  

But I'll settle for what I got.  A Tuesday/Monday ain't bad. It even makes Wednsday better. Suddenly "Hump Day" isn't so steep or lumpy.

Changing Monday into Tuesday reminds me of when Jesus turned the water into wine. It's easy to do and makes everybody instantly happier.  Who can complain about THAT?

Imagine if we could change other things as easily as we can change Monday to Tuesday.

We could change night to day, bad to good, phone bills to pancakes. The possibilities are endless.

I'd change birds to Bibles, penguins to pulpits and surf boards to sermons.  We all have our dreams.

You say, "But Preacher, how can we do that?  How can we change things we dont like into things we DO like?"

It's a good question - but the answer is even better.  We CAN indeed change what we don't like into what we DO like the same way we change Monday in Tuesday:

By simply IGNORING that which we know to be true.

So simple and yet, so powerful.  

Heck, I've been doing THAT my whole life.  It's how I became 6'3", a Rhodes Scholar and an aspiring dentist.  It is the POWER of IGNORING REALITY.

Happy Monday, everybody.  And a VERY Merry Christmas to ALL!

As together we stand and sing... "Silent Night".



  1. Another instant, miraculous transformation: reading this blog makes me feel smart! That is amazing!

  2. I thought you became a road scholar from reading billboards.

  3. One outstanding funny preacher!!!!!!

  4. Some think it is funny anyway.