Friday, July 1, 2011


God and I were talking today.

Well, I was doing MOST of the talking, he was just listening.  Which is how it usually works.  I blab and whine and beg and cry and praise, and apologize, and He just sits there, taking it all in.  I always picture Him sitting in a big orange bean bag, drinking tea, nodding His head.

Personally, I don't think people give God enough credit for being such a fantastic listener.  

Usually when you try to talk to somebody here, they cut you off right in the middle of your sentence and try to turn the conversation back to them.  They check their e-mail, send e-mail, text, watch TV, nap.  I'm used to all that.  What ticks me off is when they nod their head at the wrong times.

But I don't have that problem with God.  He's never once put me on hold, or checked even one e-mail while I was talking to him.  And if anybody had a reason to multi-task, I think He'd be the guy.

Of course, there have been times when I have wished He was not  so quiet.   There have been times I have begged Him to tell me what was on His mind (I've always wondered what His idea was behind the Platypus, and MTV).  

Sometimes I've wanted Him to just quit being so dang mysterious and tell me what I needed to do next, or to assure me that everything was gonna be OK.  But every time, He just hunkers down in that bean bag and sips His Earl Grey. 

I've had friends who say He talks to them all the time.  They carry on with God like they were on a radio call-in talk show together.  They ask God questions, then He answers them right back, then they tell each other jokes and laugh and laugh and laugh.  

It's never worked that way for me and God.  I don't know why. 

People say, "God speaks to us through His Word."  Maybe for you He does.  But whenever I read the Bible I still can't figure out how to find Highway 49 or where I left my keys or why I'm so selfish.  All stuff I ask God about.  You can read the book of Matthew all day and you will never know whether to use anti-bacterial soap or not. 

With me, God is a quiet, calm, intense listener.  I don't know why, but it works, I guess.  Clearly, He is fascinated by all the things I have to say.  My thoughts on church politics.  My ideas about old TV shows.  My sermon series plans.

I have to admit, it's a bit flattering to have the God of the Universe so enthralled by me.  But then again, I really can't blame Him.  Let's face it, I AM a fascinating man of wonder.  

As together we stand and sing.