Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I had boo-koo, KOO-koo trouble getting online today.

So frustrating.

Now, some of you might think that it's no big deal.  You shrug it off and go on with you’re hockey practice-pillow stuffing-dominoes tournament- filled day.

Lemme tell ya - for me, a young, promising, dynamic BleacherTM (blog-Preacher), with a growing, thriving BlurchTM (blog-church), the inability to get online when I NEED to can be devastating!

Like the song says, “A day without a BlermonTM is a day with 45 extra free minutes.”

Somethin’ like that.  Anyhow...

Scientist tell us that not being able to get online when you want to is the #3 most frustrating thing on the planet; right behind the inability to locate your car keys, and having to call YOUR cell phone from your WIFE’S  cell phone so that you can locate YOUR cell phone - which is usually IN your wife’s purse (why THAT is, I don’t know - ask her). 

 “Connection” to the members of this BlongregationTM  (blog-congregation), is vital.  Without that connection, my Bleaching is in vain, and my BlermonsTM are in vain; to say nothing of my TweachingTM (Twitter-Preaching), and my FACE-evosTM (Face book Devotionals).   

Without that connection, I am nothing more than a clown in closet clangin’ on a clardboard clock.  And, believe me,  I did all of THAT I EVER wanna do since that summer in ’78 at that fair.  Weird gig.

The GOOD news is, clearly I am IN connection with you again now!  So, despite my frustration, my heated exchange at my computer and a variety of other sins I briefly passed though this morning, the beat goes on, the Blermon lives, the connection is secure!

Just another example of how prayer, coupled with 3 calls to my Internet provider gets RESULTS.

As together we stand and sing.


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