Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thought Of The Day

I wanna introduce another new segment  to the Semi-Daily Preacher.  I call it, "The Thought Of The Day."  I hope no one steals this very original idea for a segment.  Anyhow, here is today's: "Thought Of The Day"

I wonder 
what I should write
for today's 
"Thought Of The Day"?

Wow.  That was fantastically easy.  I have just finished my blog posting for the day and it took just under 12 seconds to do.

You may be seeing a lot more of these in the future.  Especially when I'm traveling and exhausted and haven't packed yet and need coffee and barely know my own name.

Or possibly just every Thursday.

As together we stand and sing.



  1. Brother Preacher, here is a thought for the day for you: You SUCK at Cat Physics (i'm assuming...)

  2. I must admit, that as the new day (April 8) has unfolded, I have grown increasingly depressed. Thrice now (there is that trinitarian number again) i have checked for a new posting, thrice now, I have come away with no-thing. What does this mean?
    Has BP been raptured and does that mean that I am left behind without his daily posts to sustain me (the meaning of Tribulation)? Has BP been taken hostage by a group of radical CofC elders who are concerned about his theological integrity (who could blame them)? this is a mystery (some say that God is a mystery, but I can understand this one). My puzzlement has led me to a stack of cookies, so I will break my fast (started just after lunch with two other friends) and ponder recycled sermon points from earlier blogs.
    P.S. 24 followers: that is 3 (the trinitarian number x 8 (today's date)! This is stunning stuff in the booming field of numerology.

  3. Thanks for the wish for a good day.

    As far as Cat Physics go, I'm actually pretty good til level 51 - then it gets ugly.

    RC - have another cookie - behold, I have have returned!

  4. Only in your blog could someone tie a few lines from the Eagles with Philippians! Bleach on BP!