Thursday, June 2, 2011


There has been a lot of non-verbal chatter going on lately all throughout this BlongregationTM (blog congregation) regarding my lack of a new full-time Preaching gig.  

I know it's non-verbal because I havent' actually heard anyone saying anything , but I DO notice that the voices in my head are gettin' louder.  I think my head voices are getting ready to have a WWF SLAM- FEST over it.  So SOMETHIN'S goin' on.  It can get pretty noisy in there some days.  I mean in my head, not the WWF.  Anyhow... 

You say, "Preacher, what's all this about?"

As many of you know, I was recently unceremoniously let go from my  full-time Preaching gig  because of a slight misunderstanding regarding the  end of the world.  

(see this blog 5/23/11 -

Apparently, I didn't come down on the right side of THAT little debate. I'm not alone.  There are literally 10's of us all over the world who fell for that crud.

Which is why there was that little issue of me selling the house my wife Gidget and I were living in - which woulda been FINE,  IF we had owned that house BEFORE I sold it.  In this case, the house happened to belong to the church.  I'm not what you call "detail oriented".  Especially when the world is ending. 

My bad.

Under normal circumstances, I probably could've survived such a miscalculation (I once survived 3 Baptism disasters in the same day and was kept on as the Assistant Pulpit Preacher - don't ask.  Suffice to say, if you call "sprinkling" "baptizing", you wouldn't understand anyhow).  

But this particular goof landed me in the "Hot Water of Unemployment".  Which for a Preacher can be tough. There just aren't a LOT of jobs open to a guy with my skill set: Talking, Preaching, reading the Bible, doing flannel graph sermons on a Joy Bus, baptistery heating, the ability to eat 4 fried chickens in a single sitting. It's what is called a "focused" skill set.  The lack of practical, world skills is one reason Preachers MUST preach.

But I want you to know that Gidget and I have landed on our feet, have put our things back in storage and are enjoying our first  "wandering missionary journey" throughout  the southern United States.  It is amazing how much you can get into a Subaru.  Plus it's strong enough to stand on when I need to preach.  

Soon folks throughout the entire South will finally know about Jesus.  It's more of a mission field than you might expect.  Sure MOST people here are Christians - the trick is to find the 4 or 5 who aren't.  You know, those guys who moved down here from New York City and have never heard of Jesus.  OK, 2 guys.  OK, 1 guy and a puppet.  

Talk about findin' a bent needle in a needle factory!  It wont be easy.  But we are committed to it.  

And...we don't really have a choice.  This blogging business isn't exactly Bill Gates-worthy bread.

Still...we Bleach on!

As together we stand and sing.



  1. If you are going to reference a wrestling organization, be sure and update your database. It is no longer the WWF (unless you means the World Wildlife Fund...may still apply to your comment anyway). it is now the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment. As a Blishionary, you should keep up to date with current cultural collaborations of cataclysmic character.

    Awoooooooooooooooooooooooo (plop)

  2. please don't move again:(

  3. "the lack of practical, world skills is one reason Preachers MUST preach."

    Question: Jon ortberg is a celebrated author that I assumed was Jewish, naturally, however, he is an episcopal. What's that make him and should I keep reading his books?