Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lemme tell ya, if I preached here in San Francisco full time, I would have a never-ending supply of BlermonTM (blog-sermon) topics.  Which almost makes the whole "morning jog-dodgin' Sea Gull 'goo'-dance" worth it.

All I'd have to do it walk outside and I would be instantly transported into a living, breathing, Sermon Topic-teria.  For example...

Gull "Goo" Already In Progress

"Beware of Gull Goo."

From the Future, At the Park

"Dear Doubting Thomas: Martians are REAL!"

Giant Killer: Plan "B"

"What  David Would Have Done Next If The 5 Stones and The Slingshot Had Missed."

When Preachers Daydream

 "It's A Long Road To Heaven...And Back To My Hotel.".

"Bus/Trolley Thingy Where I Think I Lost My Billfold."

Thanks for nothin', Eve.
"Don't Be An Adam!"

I just realized, the bus/trolley thingy really wasn't a BlermonTM idea,  so much as it was a call for help.  I mean REAL help in finding my billfold.  So if  anyone's on that particular bus/trolley thingy later today and finds my billfold please contact me immediately at this BlongregationTM (blog-congregation).

By the way, this is where I dropped my camera/phone.
The Ledge of Lost Things
Anyhow, you get it.  

I could preach all day here.  But I was MOST inspired when I stumbled upon the statue of none other than the Apostle Paul...
Paul In 'Frisco

I had no idea he even MADE it to California.  Have to take another look at that "Missionary Journey's" map. 

Headed to LA today to get my preach on for the Bible Scholar's Conference on the 16th in Malibu. I don't know about you but Bible Scholars tend to be a bit snooty for my tastes.  

I'm thinkin' of whippin' the Martian picture on 'em.  That oughtta shut 'em up.   

As together we stand and sing.  


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