Thursday, December 1, 2011


I was recently asked the question: “Brother Preacher, have you ever worked any miracles on your own?”

It’s a great question.  It hurts my feelings a little bit, but still - it’s a good enough question to give me a topic to preach on today so - who’s complaining?

The reason I say that question hurts my feelings is because I have to admit I have never had the privilege of pullin’ off what might be considered a real “Bible type” miracle on my own.  We all have our talents, and turning water to wine or curing somebody’s earache, just isn’t one of mine.  I’m just not that kind of a Preacher.  I’m more of the preaching type of preacher - and I’m fine with that.  Look, if we ALL walked on water and turned sticks into snakes who would run the flannel graphs?

That’s not to say that I haven’t pulled off some miraculous things in my day.  Are you kiddin’?  Be serious.  Pullin’ off three sermons a week and a Ladies Bible Class isn’t as easy as it looks.  Plus that, I have somehow escaped countless Elder’s meetings virtually unscathed.  And there aren’t a lot of guys my age who can get away with preaching with 2 Bible Hour puppets at an old folks home withOUT the use of a microphone and call it “Tag Team Guest Preaching”. 

But I guess if I HAD to say when I was at my MOST miraculous it would have to be the time I was baptizing a guy in a frozen lake in Colorado WHILE making announcements and then performed CPR on him once the hypothermia kicked in. 

You see, most Preachers make their announcements BEFORE they baptize people and if the “baptizee” then happens to go into hypothermia, most Preachers hardly EVER do CPR.  I do. 

Well, I don’t really know HOW to do CPR but it looked right at the time and it worked for a while at least.  Look, I'm not an EMT guy, I'm a Preacher...who doesn't do miracles.  Lighten up out there.

As together we stand and sing.  


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