Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take Up Thy Blog And Follow Me

Well, it is truly an amazing day here at The Semi-Daily Preacher.  Let the rejoicing begin in earnest!  You say, "What the heck are you talkin' about, Preacher?"

Very simply this.

If you will  take a moment right now and take a glance down at the "FOLLOWERS" section of this blog (located somewhere on here, I'm not sure where, I move it all the time.  I get bored easy.), if you look there at that FOLLOWERS section, I think you will see something truly remarkable.

As of today, 3/30/11, the number of people following this blog has SKYROCKETED from just NINE followers  to just OVER NINE FOLLOWERS!

Or in other words...TEN!

Can you BELIEVE that?  We have TEN followers in about TWELVE days of blogging.  That's about 3/4 of a person every day!  This is amazing.  Clearly, The Semi-Daily Preacher is already positioning itself to become the premiere place on the web for semi-daily preaching.

Beware Mr. Joel Olsteen.  I've got you in my sites.

What is also wonderful about this news is that we are just TWO followers away from the magic number of TWELVE followers, which is the number of followers the Lord went for when he was first scrapin' up his first bunch of fishermen and rednecks.  He started with just TWELVE and look what happened.  WE already have NINE...can you imagine what could happen to US?  It's hard to I know.  Web businesses are kinda iffy.

Now it's true, right now my wife Gidget, is technically one of my followers.  So really we're still at just NINE followers.   I know it's kind of a loser move to make your wife say she's a follower of your blog.  It looks bad.  But look, I was desperate!  Shoot me.  I don't see any of YOU critics out there blogging on a semi-daily basis!  It's no picnic, take it from me.

And truth be told, it's sort of a joke to call Gidget a "follower" of mine anyhow, because Gidget has NEVER done anything I've EVER told her to do in 20 years of bein' married.   I see no reason why she'd start now, blog or no. blog.  Between you and me, she can be VERY bossy if you wanna know the truth.  Which is a terrible quality for a follower.

Her non-follower-bossiness is the main reason I have to write this blog in the bathroom most mornings.  Something about the "tippy tapping" keeping her awake.  Personally,  I think the "tippy tapping" wouldn't bother her so much if she'd wake up before 11:30. Anyhow...

Once we are able to secure those extra two or three followers and get to the magic number of TWELVE, I will immediately move Gidget from a "Follower" into the "Mary Magdalene" position.  I'll need SOMEbody to wash my feet with their tears and wipe them with their hair, and I can think of no one better to do that than her.

Of course, I have not  yet broached that  "touchy" subject with her, and I am confident that it WILL  get pretty nasty when I do.  But that's my problem.  You guys just focus on reading the blog and following me.  Let me worry about Mary Magdalene.

Once we have those first TWELVE followers, I believe there is nothing holding this blog back from getting THIRTEEN followers.  Or possibly even...FIFTEEN followers.  

And once THAT is accomplished, I think I can  confidently say that it wont be long before we start hearing  from a little company called Microsoft or Apple or maybe even from the good folks at Good N Plenty, all looking for their piece of the Semi-Daily Preaching Pie.  Which I think should be pecan, but we can talk about that later.

In closing...

You know, growing a following for a blog is as much of a struggle as growing a following for a church.  And struggling at growing a church is something I know a little bit about.

Actually, I know even MORE about NOT growing a church.  I've never had a chuurch bigger than 25 people, and even THAT's fudgin' the numbers some.  What are we saying?  Simply this...

It takes a village to raise a child, but if you can get even HALF of that  village as well as that same little  child to become Followers of this blog, you can probably sell stuff to 'em eventually.

So ask yourself this question:

 "What have I done today to make "The Semi-Daily Preacher" a better blog?"
"What 210 people can I tell today about The Semi-Daily Preacher?"
"What's in it for me?"

Short answer to that last question: "nothing".   There's nothing in it for you.  Well, maybe a t-shirt or a paper weight of some kind someday.  

But a paper weight is a small reward in comparison to the unadulterated SATIFACTION you will recieve from spamming your entire address book with this blog site.  And that's just ONE idea!

It's that SATISFACTION in knowing you have done all you can to tell the world about The Semi-daily Preacher, and having done that to ...blah blah blah blah...whatever.  You get it.

As together we stand and sing...



  1. What is this phenomenal growth? 9 yesterday and 17 today. This is a revival as we march toward 25 (the top number of a BP church before a split), that magic number (12+12+1: notice the trinitarian pattern?) Could 25 trigger the rapture? Who knows?
    Buckle your bible belt, follow, and find out.

  2. I want to post a comment about the fasting poll. Clearly there is only one right answer. Cause if you fast at any time other than right after lunch you run a very serious risk of dying of hypoglycemia. And while I want to get to heaven, I don't feel the need to go right now!