Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As most of you know, I'm not like most Preachers.  

For one, I like to wear my baptizin' waders around the house "just in case".  You never know when somethin's gonna need dunking.  

But there ARE other, more subtle differences.

One of the biggest examples: I am "Cutting Edge Sharp" when it comes to prophesying upcoming churchy stuff. (I knew Big Screen Song Books were the next big thing back in 1982 when I did the first Big Screen Camp Song with a campfire and a sheet).

Today is no exception.  I again have seen the coming of a new trend.  Lucky for you, you read these BlermonsTM.

I recently saw a video on the new hot website entitled, "YOU TUBE".  If you have not yet seen this fantastic service be sure and check it out.  It is a fabulous source for sermon ideas, and puppy videos.  String together enough of these vids and you can actually skip preaching 2 Sunday's a week. 

In this video (link at the bottom of this BlermonTM), there is a wild, baby deer that has somehow gotten loose INSIDE a church building.  The poor, scared, little guy keeps running all over this church building, goin' in and out of class rooms, through hallways, around and over and through people, trying his hardest to find a way out of that place (or a way TO his Sunday School Class - which is another topic for another BlermonTM: "Proper Sunday School Class Signage - Why Bumble Bee Cut-Outs Don't Work").

But the deer's behavior wasn't what struck me most.  For me, it was the way the church people reacted.

BEFORE: we have a bunch of spiritual zombies, stumblin' through yet another Sunday ritual.  Then...


AFTER:  We see a church that is miraculously transformed!  They are awake, focused, alive, and scared out of their wits.  

I love it.  

They see that deer and suddenly can hop and run and scoot and dive; they hug the walls, their Bibles, and each other in a desperate attempt to NOT become deer dip.  

I haven't seen that much passion, and energy, and liveliness in a church since the Jule Miller Bible Fun Film Strips went digital. 

You'd think if Christians really believed what they say they do (that they're heaven-bound, forgiven of all sin, children of God), they'd be a little more...you know...happy?  Peaceful?  Compassionate?  Forgiving? Alive?

But life being as it is, staying in a constant state of excitement or giddiness really isn't to be expected.  


Add a DEER to the worship...forget it.

I call it: Deer Discipleship.

My new book: Dare To Be A Deer.

My new song: A Deer Dive Bombed Me At Church.

Wake up.  God loves you.  There's a deer in the hallway.  Look out!

As together we stand and sing.




  1. You have presented multiple points all of which make sense and THIS alone confounds and amazes me!

    Love the video! My favorite is near the end when the woman grabs the child just before the deer exits!!!

  2. And, why did 11 people dislike that video????? Were they Methodists???

  3. Gives a whole new meaning to #71 "As the Deer Pants for The Water".