Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 Well, it's time once again to reach into the 'ole mailbag and see what the BlembersTM (blog-members) of this BlongregationTM (blog-congregation) have been saying recently in the comments section of this BlurchTM (blog-church).  So, it's not REALLY a mailbag.  Everybody understand?  Be cool.  Here we go.

First off, we go to an old favorite The Wolfman; who wrote this comment in response to my BlermonTM entitled "Blishionary JourneyTM", where I referenced the WWF.  Wolfman howls:

"If you are going to reference a wrestling organization, be sure and update your database. It is no longer the WWF (unless you means the World Wildlife Fund...may still apply to your comment anyway). it is now the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment. As a BlishionaryTM, you should keep up to date with current cultural collaborations of cataclysmic character."

As always, Wolfman can come off just a little "know-it-all-look-I-just-got-my-braces off-my-teeth-straight-A student-y" on his comments (C students make the best  Preachers, by the way). I think it has to do with him bein' a Wolfman.   Still, he makes a valid point.  WWF does indeed stand for World Wildlife Fund - which was exactly what I was referring to.  So...there.

Rose (who has a fantastic blog of her own - check out) had this to say about Gidget's movie boyfriend, Daniel Craig in response to my BlermonTM: Ain't A That Good News, Yes, It Is:

"Daniel Craig? No, thanks; he has not captured my attention in the slightest. I'm on your side for this one; I certainly wouldn't be goo-gooing over him."

If I gave out prizes for comments, this comment would be getting a washer and dryer.  I think I will sew it onto a quilt and put it on Gidget's side of the bed.

Next, we have a comment from a frequent and vocal BlemberTM of this BlongregationTM, Aesaint; who had this to say about my Thought Of The Day #6 where I wrote: "I wonder if I'll ever think of another Blermon."  Aesaint writes: 

"My husband is the 'urologist to the stars' AND gives discounts to clergy." 

I have no idea why Aesaint felt the need to tell me that information considering I was yakkin' about BlermonTM topics, - but it's always good to know a capable Urologist as well as where I can get a discount.  So, thanks.  I'll be by later this week.

Another frequent BlemberTM, Rcorely wrote this in response to my BlermonTM, "Happy Muesday":

"Another instant, miraculous transformation: reading this blog makes me feel smart! That is amazing"

I agree, it IS amazing that this blog does ANYthing at all.  By the way, those of you NOT mentioned in this week's mailbag - take note: compliments will get you everywhere. 

In "The Parable Of 2 Pizzas" I wrote something...though  I really cant remember what it was right now...that prompted new BlemberTM Hamzdad to reply:   

"Thank you Lord for Pizza Hut!"

Between you and me, I don't think Hamzdad even read my BlermonTM that day.  But I have to agree - PH makes a pretty mean thin crust.  So, no foul.

In response to my award-winning BlermonTM, "When Dad Caught Bonnie and Clyde", Deacon Giff wrote

"Great story BP. Love, love, loved it!"

As I said before: compliments...everywhere.

New Blember Lisa M read "Gidget: Marriage Guru" and wrote:

Rough feet are one thing, but singing to sleep? Who are you kidding. We know you were snoring to beat the band. Come on BP, confession is good for the soul,and you have got to clear your conscience. Fess up. Gidget was threatening to stuff those sweat socks in your mouth if you didn't stop your supposed 'singing'! You are driving her nuts. We know the truth. She is only letting you think that she's driving you nuts. Goodness. We all know, you were like that as a teen.
Keep living in your lala land though. We wives know the real story.

Wow.  I don't know about you, but I feel like I've been in the losing side of a street fight.  Clearly, Gidget got to Lisa and promised to make her President of her fan club, "Mouthy Friends of Gidget".  I'm doomed.

Finally, we have something from new BlemberTM, CS in response to "The Smart Guys" blermon:

 "Brother Preacher!! Why did I not know about the Malibu Fight Night? I, of all people -- I who witnessed your first miracle, The Wiping Up Of Coffee With a Plastic Bag during Moonshine rehearsal." 
I haven't thought about that miracle in years.  I was fantastic.  Wish you ALL could have been there.

as together we stand and sing

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  1. Thanks for the plug, BP! I accept it (and the virtual washer/dryer) with gratitude!