Monday, June 13, 2011


And it came to pass that in a vineyard hangeth a feeder of birds.

And upon the morn the fowls of the air would come unto her and and eat of her seeds and feast upon her corn.  And in the evening they wouldst return and feast a second time.  

And the fowl of the air did love the Feeder of Birds, and the vineyard prospered.

And it came to pass, that unto the vineyard came another Feeder of Birds unto the vineyard, that the Master hangeth under the tree.  

And behold it was golden unto the eye and velvet unto the touch, and beautiful and filled with seeds more tasty than the Feeder of Birds.  And the Golden Feeder saith unto the Bird Feeder,

"Behold, thou art a feeder of birds and unto thine perch cometh the fowl of the air both in the morn and again at eve.  But see-est thou mine golden color and the shape of my figure and weep and wail for thine own self.  For now  the fowl of the air will reject thee fully and come unto me and eat my seed and feast upon my corn both in the evening and in the morn."

But the Feeder of Birds saith nothing unto the Golden Feeder.

"Did you not heareth my cry," saith the Golden Feeder again unto the Feeder of Birds.

"Will you not weep when the fowl of the air no longer cometh unto you in the morning and the evening?  Then will the Master  come and take you away and toss you unto the garbage pit and...HEY!  I'm talking-est to thou!"

"Are-est thou even listening unto me?"



But the Feeder of Birds saith nothing unto the Golden Feeder...

...for behold, she was a bird feeder.  

And bird feeders don't talk.


As together we stand and sing.


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