Sunday, June 12, 2011

POEM POWER #2 - Sermon Coffee

 When the Lord gives you a poem, you are compelled to share it with the world.  

And even when he DOESN'T give you one, if you THINK of one and haven't figured out your BlermonTM for that day - you ALSO have to share it. it is:

by BP
It's Sunday morning once again
The Preacher sits without a friend
Another sermon not quite done
He tries and tries but nothing comes
Into the bag of tricks he goes
Concordance, Bible, cup of Joe
"What will I preach?  I'd like to know!"
"What will I preach? To church I go."

Not a GREAT poem.  But not a great cup of Joe either.  Can't have one without the other in my book.

The point is this: Sermon preparation is so important.

But so is seeing a midnight showing of "Super 8" last night with Gidget.

It SEEMED like a good idea at the time.  This morning, I realized it was not.  Why?  Because I don't have a sermon.

Sigh.  Priority setting has never been my strong suit.

I really cannot calculate just how many Preachers reading this right now are in my same exact position. Don't be surprised if this morning YOUR Preacher uses a poem very similar to the one I just wrote in this BlermonTM this morning.  By similar, I mean the exact same poem.

I am a regular victim of Preacher Plagiarism.  It is a tragic problem sweeping the country, and one I hope to somehow cash in on soon.  It happens.

Annnnnd SCENE!

OK, I'm tried of typing now, so that oughtta do it.  Not bad, huh?  I think this BlermonTM had a little something for everyone in it today: a poem, a conspiracy theory, a picture of whatever THIS is...

And, of course  a puppy lookin' at a gopher thingy.

I tell ya, this blog does it all.

Now if I just had a sermon idea for this morning.

Stay tuned.  Don't steal my stuff.

As together we stand and sing.


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  1. BP, Just had a great idea! Preachers are constantly borrowing their material and using it as theirs. Everyone smiles, tells them great job, and goes to lunch. Nice gig! I suggest that you "borrow" a few Steve Martin or Jerry Seinfeld routines, change the wording a little, quote an obscure passage, and call it a blog. Teach Gidget how to steal and then you can take a week off! Apparently no one would mind that (well Steve and Jerry might complain, but who do they think that they are). I hope this helpful suggestion will give you enough time to get some new bike shorts and get another ride in with friends.