Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ground Floor and the Final Four - Part 2

This is so exciting.  This is the first time in the history of this blog that I've ever had a "Part 2" to anything.  What accelerated progress we are enjoying!

At this this rate, there's no telling what could happen.  For all we know, we could be standing on the ground floor of of a 22 part series.

Maybe 12.

This could even be the start of a 115 part series...think about THAT for a minute.

Between you and me, I hope it DOESN'T go that long, I'm simply COULD. 

Blog you are a mystery!
Blog you are a thrill!
Blog we will make history!
Bloggy bloggy brill!

As you may have read in the comment section of the first post of this blog, there is some genuine concern out there that Kentucky win the Final Four Basketball Tournament this year.  By "concern" I mean "hope."

Naturally, considering the fact that I know so very much about the sport, and will answer it from a Biblical and therefore correct viewpoint, I have been asked my opinion on this very important topic.  Good move on your part.  I can think of no one more qualified than myself.

To give an accurate answer to this question, one must first separate oneself from all one's dogs in one's fight.  By that I mean - all emotion must be eliminated from the question before answering.

Case in point: I personally love the uniforms Kentucky has. For many years I sported the same design for both my gardening clothes as well as my pajamas.  They always made me feel jumpy and dribbly - but in a GOOD way.

But how a team's uniform make us feel while we're sleeping or mixing fertilizer can have no bearing on whether or not we think they're going win the Final Four.

Secondly, all personal ties to a team must be extracted.  Sure you may be from Kentucky, but this doesn't mean they still don't stink.  Being from the moon doesn't make it a good place to swim.  

I'll shine that last illustration up later.

Finally - all that really matters when determining whether or not a particular team will win the Final Four is...

1.) Do they know what a basketball is?

2.) Do they know what to DO with that basketball?

And finally - 

3.) Do they have any horses?

This last consideration is really the key to the whole thing.  You will find that, all things being equal, the team that has horses usually wins.  Doesn't do wonders for the court of course - horses refuse to wear sneakers for very long - but the guys who have horses just...dominate.

Horses make winners.  And that's why my pick for this year's Final Four are these 4 guys...

 The 4 Horseman
Klangdon, Roy, Bobby, and Pedro

As together we stand and sing,



  1. "Talutle" was the "word" they gave me to confirm my email address to join your blog. I think you should work that one into your next sermon. Talutles. And um, an Apocalyptic Horseman named Pedro? I'm in! x

  2. I saw a special on ESPN about this very thing. It highlighted the 1967 Charleston Frogs. What a heroic tale! Until the tragedy of 1968...

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Talutle - I love Greek.

    ESPN: if only more people knew of this facinating story.


  4. BTW - thanks cuz for the Horsman help. Will make the change.

    It takes a village to BLOG!


  5. "Being from the moon doesn't make it a good place to swim". Now that I will take time to think about while Kentucky plays to move into the FINAL FOUR!!!

  6. Well, hello, Brother Preacher. I must say, you bear an uncanny resemblance to ACME Crimenet's Senior Agent in Charge of Training New Recruits...

    Your blog is quite an interesting read!

  7. You are very kind, Rose - I appreciate the encouragement. That skinny, young guy of PBS marginal fame has often been mistaken for me and vise-a-versa. My only hope is that he was at one time a Preacher.

    BTW - I agree with what you said on YOUR blog - the final map was pretty much the only "tension-filled" moment. Unless you count the "Where you want to go" reveal.

  8. Oh, dear, I almost missed this; I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my blog, too--though, I hope, despite Saturday rapidly approaching, I will find a way to complete that "30-Day meme"...

  9. Rose - from one brilliant Bleacher to another (or whatever it is you call yours), the best any of us can do at this point is start eating ice cream.

    Good luck.


  10. Aww, thanks! (LiveJournaling? LJ-ing?)

    I'm an Italian ice fan, myself...