Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Ground Floor and the Final Four

You know, in the three exciting, media-soaked, Johnny Appleseed-like days since I've had this blog, one question keeps going over and over in my mind: what the heck am I gonna write about next?

It's an important question.  Especially since I'm the only one writing this semi-daily, semi-important, semi-earth-shaking-blog-to-the-stars-type-a-rama. (Shoulda held off on a couple of those last few dashes.  Sorry, I get carried away.  Back to the blog.).

But between you and me, I really couldn't care LESS about the question. The QUESTION doesn't interest me in the SLIGHTEST!   What I'M interested in is the ANSWER.  And HAVING that answer relatively soon.  Like, sometime before I finish this posting would be nice. 

Why?  Because I'm hungry, OK?   Make sense?   Look, I made a mistake.  I thought I'd do a little blogging before breakfast.  I was wrong!  So sue me.  Look, now I know: pre-breakfast blogging is bad. 

Which reminds me of the words of...somebody...probably me:

"We live, we blog, we learn.
A pig, a dog, a fern.
In Heaven nothing burns
We Live, we blog, we learn."

Powerful words.  Powerful potential song.

And so in this time of trouble, I turn to what many of my  high-tech, modern-day "Blogger Brethren and Sistern" turn to in similar times of crisis...I turn to YOU, the Blogees of this blog, for blogging ideas.

What a wonderful, democratic, Christ-centered way to find topics.  Amen?  I have to admit, it beats coming up with something on my own every time.

And it should be pretty easy pickin's for me.  For as you can clearly see, the poplularity of this blog is already exploding!!  It's like two kid's sparklers on the 4th of July out there. 

In just 3 short days, I ALREADY have had over 100 views of this blog!   Can you believe that? 

I also have over FOUR faithful followers.  Count 'em!  OVER FOUR!   Now count 'em again.  Go ahead.  We've got time. 

I hope you 5 followers enjoy being on the ground floor of an international phenomenon...because that's where you are.  Strap in.

Of course, about 27 of those views were me, checkin' to see if this thing had actually launched or not.   Then I also had to go back on there to figure out how to load pictures, and Adsense (whatever the heck THAT is), and the counter thingy deal - whatever else.  It was a real mess.  Let's put it this way...I have DESTROYED my week-end!  OK?  But I have UPed my view count!  So we're even.

Now that I think of it, with all that messin' around on there, I'm probably really more like 78 of the 100 views.  Which isn't bad really, considering the fact that I have over 700 views of the 1000 views of my own videos on Youtube.  

What can I say?  I can't take my EYES off me! 

Anyhow...and so this morning, I turned to you, the Blogees of this blog for an idea of what to blog about next. 

And it was there in the comment section I noticed a controversy arising so loud and clear, so big and bold, so obviously important and crises-y that I knew I had no choice but to blog about it immediately:


Such an important question.  

Such an important answer.  

Surprisingly it is a topic that I have written several books on.  One while I was in seminary.  They laughed at me back then, "What in the world does Kentucky winning The Final Four have to do with the Bible, Preacher?"  

Well, guess what?  Who's laughing now?  I'll say it again.

I'd laugh if I could but I am STARVING and don't have the strenght for it.  

So tune in tomorrow for the conclusion...and the beginning...of this very important Final Four thing!

As together we stand and sing.

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  1. I don't know what to say.

    Apparently...I'm not alone.