Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, here we go again - Monday morning.  I'm sorry.


It's the end of the weekend.  The beginning of the work week.  With any luck, the rain should kick in soon, or maybe a late April winter storm.  Anything to make Monday more "joyous and exciting". 

Remember back three days ago, when you were just leaving work?  Oh, man.  That was a great time.  Back then it was FRIDAY night!  You picked up some White Castle on the way home and turned up your ABBA tapes.  "Take A Chance On Me" was blarin' from your speakers and you were dancin' in your car, eattin' hamburgers like a maniac.  

The weekend had arrived, and you deserved it!  What a wonderful feeling that was!

And wasn't it a wonderful weekend?    So relaxing, so rejuvenating, so..."weekendy".  

Good.  Glad you enjoyed all that.  Because it's all over now.  


Because NOW is MONDAY.  And Monday STINKS.

Now it's time to get with it, strap in, get serious.  Time to start the coffee, eat some bacon and bring home some more bacon.  

Monday is when things get done, bills get paid and nations are built.  Monday is the beginning of a long, tough, lousy week.  There is no "hump" to Monday, it's all uphill.  It is the bottom of the mountain looking up and there's just no way around it. 

Monday stinks.  But at least, we're all in the same boat.

Well...YOU'RE all in the same boat.  

I'm a Preacher.  Monday's are MY day off.  The only boat I'm in, I'm fishin' out of.

I LOVE Mondays. 

I hate to say this but, there is NO better time to go see a movie than Monday morning.  No lines.  No people.  No kids.  Everybody at the popcorn counter knows me by name and gives me free refills on whatever I want.  

Though I won't see a movie today.  Too cold and rainy.  I sleep in when it's cold and rainy and Monday.   Stay in bed and watch The Three Stooges on my computer.  

And all that bacon talk has got me in the mood to just lie here and watch the Stooges while I suck the fat out of some bacon that Gidget will bring me later.  

ABBA is such happy music.  I'm playing it right now.  More people like them than let on.

THAT is Monday to ME.

That's Monday to a PREACHER.

I hope that didn't come out wrong.  Sounds a little braggy when I read those last lines out loud.  

Oh well, who cares?  Nobody was givin' me any love yesterday when I was preachin' on the weekend.  Serves you right. 

Have a GREAT day!

As together we stand and sing.



  1. Thanks for the lift!?

    Deacon Giff

  2. You'll get no LOVE festival from me brother preacher; I once knew a preacher who got mani pedis on his Monday. But you should have hauled your own self out of bed and gone to see Atlas Shrugged before the government pulls the plug on it. Did I mention we were fortunate enough to have our second grandchild? 7 big ole pounds of sweetness, Lilyanne! Born on a Monday! Mondays can't be too bad!