Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Power of Poetry #1

Sunday morning, the paper comes
A cup of coffee, the crossword’s done
No work, no school, no silly tests
So yawn and fart, and scratch and rest
Watch some sports, and eat some candy
Play some X-box in your jammies
 “Behold the blue bird on her perch!”
Quit messin’ around and get to CHURCH! 

Brother Preacher, 2011

As together we stand and sing



  1. BP, thank you for your Sunday Morning Encouragement. Off to church.
    PS. Can you text me around 9:30? That is when the sermon begins. Thanks.

  2. Mamonijoy, go easy on me! Yikes! I was the poor guy preaching this morning! BP was texting my audience to keep them awake during my sermon. No one fell out a window, and no one taken to VUMC ER (the site of my chapel sermonettes; as if there weren't enough suffering in the hospital without enduring an RC sermon). I'm sure that Dean is great, so relax and enjoy your textless listening. As for me and my small audience we beg BP to keep texting so that we will not drool in our sleep and ruin our Sunday outfits. By the way, BP suggested preaching without pants this morning. Not sure it helped, but at least it was cooler and people paid attention (until the texting began).