Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thought Of The Day #2

"I wonder if manna tastes anything like oatmeal?"

I hope so.  I love oatmeal.

I would've made a good Israelite.  
'Cause I'd never complain about the manna.  
As long as it tasted like oatmeal.  

I'd just wander around the desert 
and eat my oatmeal 
and keep my mouth shut.

Of course, if it tasted like calamari I'd be in trouble.
Moses woulda had his hands full with me then. 
I HATE calamari.  

Let's just say this: 
if manna tasted like calamari 
I'd be one complaining, 
lost in the desert Israelite.  

So thank goodness manna tastes like oatmeal.  
At least I hope it does.

I think I'll have some oatmeal for breakfast.

Unless we have still have some manna leftover.

Quail?  No thanks.  Too bony.

As together we stand and sing.


  1. Try the manna with some cheese whiz. Amazing!

    Deacon Giff

  2. Maybe manna was like the meal I had on a backpacking trip last year. Alfredo noodles. Out of the box. Mixed with water. Why, you ask brother preacher? Because they forgot the butter, oil, and milk. If that's manna, it sucks bigtime.