Sunday, April 3, 2011

Usually On A Sunday

Let's face it, Sundays are a big day for any Preacher.  For example, today I have:

- Writing my sermon for this morning's service
- Fasting
- Breakfast
- More fasting
- Joy Bus talk
- Puppet Show rehearsal
- Prison Puppet Show rehearsal (Same as Puppet Show, but done in a cage)
- Sunday Morning Sermon (first time through, VERY rough, no baptisms usually)
- Sunday Morning Adult Class (wing it, ask lots of questions, cake)
- Puppet Show performance (better than 1st sermon)
- Fellowship Breakfast
- Sunday Morning Sermon, second service (better, I recognize it by now)
- Elders Brunch (where I get yelled at for whatever I did that morning, usually the 1st sermon.  Sue me!  It was the first time I'd even SEEN that sermon!)
- Fellowship Basket Dinner/Covered Dish/Jell-o Salad Extravaganza (I over-eat)
- Repent for over-eating, begin fast.
- Nap/counseling sessions.
- Write my Sunday Night Sermon while watching football.
- Prison Puppet Show performance (cage usually a big hit)
- Second Sermon (usually has several football illustrations)
- Sunday Night Fellowship Dinner (Sandwiches in the Prison Puppet Show cage, just 'cause it's fun to eat in there).
- Write Semi-Daily Blog

What I've accomplished so far today:
- Wrote Semi-Daily Blog.

I hate Sundays.

As together we stand and sing.


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