Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Blog, Big Head

Good morning, Blurch!

You know I get the feeling sometimes that many of you think I do not read the hundreds and hundreds of comments and emails and Facebook responses I receive everyday regarding this  blog.  The truth is, not only do I read them but many of my favorite comments I have already begun to crochet onto a big, round pillow.

It's true, it IS a daily burden to sift through all of the praise and fanfare coming in on such a huge scale.  Of course there is the danger it could all start to go to my head.  I'm only human.  I can get the "Big Head" as easy as anybody else.  If given too much praise, I begin to foresee my future as a beloved, handsome, possibly Korean leader of a huge, semi-global, semi-blurch.  What Bleacher with my supreme talent wouldn't?

As you know,  I have a pretty big head already.  I mean my actual head is fairly sizable.  So I've got to be careful.

The good news is, while it takes  a lot of time to read the good comments,  the bad comments I can sail right through in practically no time at all.  I have a natural filter for comments that have the potential for hurting my feelings or are secretly asking for money.

But the main reason I read every one of the thousands and thousands of your comments and emails each day is so that I can potentially steal ideas for my next blog entry.  Let's face it, the stress of maintaining a semi-daily blog is at times semi-overwhelming.  SOMETIMES you need help. 

So today I want to introduce a guest Bleacher, RC, who's amazing comment from yesterday in my opinion, deserves it's own posting.  And so please welcome, RC (not the cola), who yesterday said this:

"Notice the soaring number of followers! 3 (that trinitarian favorite) times 7 (that perfect number and the day God rested) equals 21 the total number of followers. Try some addition: 2+1 and get 3 (back to trinity). Lets try division: divide 21 by 21 and you get: 1 (perfect unity in all this diversity). Lets try subtraction: 2-1=1 (unity again)! This is amazing stuff. 21 followers is surely a divine sign of things to come"

I have no idea what all this means.  Math and crafts - not my thing.  But I am always moved by things that confuse me, and this comment is no exception.  Thanks RC for those powerful, confusing, mathy words.

As together we stand and sing.



  1. Dear BP,

    Thank you for your guidance and your discussion today about large heads. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes a size large look like the beanie my friend Boaz likes to wear.

  2. Boaz is a great Bible name. I love beanies. And you're welcome, Big Head. You are...welcome.