Saturday, April 30, 2011


Someone suggested recently that the best way to write is to simply start writing.  Between you and me this sounds like madness.  But at this point, I'm willing to try anything.  So...let's get writing!

OK.  I am typing words now.  

Well, THAT was worked pretty well.  All I did there was write and writing just CAME out of my fingers.  That was a whole sentence I didn't even know was comin'.

It JUST happened again!  Did you see THAT?  This is weird.

I wonder if the "just write it" technique also works with bowling?  I've always wanted to bowl.  I love rolling things. I'd REALLY like to know if it works with baptizing people.  Something tells me spontaneous baptizing COULD be dangerous.  Then again, it could be the solution to church growth we've been waiting for.

I don't know it you noticed it or not but I JUST wrote a WHOLE paragraph about BOWLING and "spontaneous baptizing".  Eat your heart out Joel Olsteen.

The problem is, how do you STOP writing once you've started?  My guess is you just st..


(I'll make this more sermon-y someday - or not.  Who cares?  I'm done!)

As together we stand and sing.


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