Saturday, June 11, 2011


Beware: "Right" pants required.
My guess is I won't able to walk for...let's say 3 days.  Maybe a week.

I love bike riding.  Early, with friends, in the country - the best.

Of course, the REASON I probably won't be walking much the next few days is BECAUSE I went riding this morning.  Early, with friends, in the country.  Which as you know, I love.

But THIS morning I made the mistake of doing it without what is called: the "right" pants.  

This was a mistake.  

Note to self: To ride a 400 mile route without the proper attire, in this case, padded bike shorts, is very close to subjecting yourself to slow-cooked capital punishment...with a hot poker. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: they said we rode only 16 miles - which for them, it probably was.  This is because THEY were wearing the "right" pants.  But if you were wearing what I had on - Levis 501 Jeans, whitey tighties, and my 3-fold billfold stuffed with receipts, it was 400 excruciating miles...EASY.

I can't think off hand where it is EXACTLY in the Bible where the Apostle Paul talks about "Running The Race, finishing the course, and Dippit-dee-ing the doo"  - or whatever - and  if you think I'm getting out of this "tub-soaking" to go look for my Bible to look it up, you're nuts.  I can't move.  It was hard enough balancing this TV tray on my knees over the tub so that I could get my computer in here to BleachTM.  (BTW, I've never been so nervous bleachingTM as I am right now with a computer on a TV tray, on my knees, in a tub - anyhow) 

Just take my word for it!  The PAUL thing is IN there - somewhere.

The point is this, I wish Paul woulda been more specific as to the KIND of race he was talkin' about, because then he might have included a little something about making sure you had on the "right" pants before you took off down the highway.

And don't give me that stuff about Paul talkin' about "Putting on the armor of God" - NObody wears armor on a bike ride.

Man, I am so grumpy when I'm in pain.  

And balancing a TV tray on my knees in a tub.

I need a cookie.

As together we stand and sing.


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