Thursday, June 30, 2011


The colors of the falling leaves, 
Remind us one and all,
How Adam and his good wife Eve, 
Dinged us with "The Fall".

Winter's cold and crunchy snow,  
It's dark and lonely days,
Bring to mind the poor man Job, God's chip for gambling ways.

Back to life the birds and bees, The blooming of the Spring,
With alergies to choke and sneeze, 
Hey look!  Your head can ring! 

Then blinding, never-ending heat, 
Means the days of Summer,
An illustration from above, 
Hell will be a bummer.

Behold the seasons of the year, Each with it's special truth
Straighten up and listen here, Repent or get the boot.
by BP, circa 6/29/11

Powerful words.  

Powerful ryhme scheme.  

Weird (but effective) allergy line.

As together we stand and sing.


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