Saturday, September 24, 2011


At times like these (late on Sauturday evening when I haven't quite got my sermon together for Sunday yet), I love to sing  wonderful hits from the fifties.

Naturally, I change the words just a little bit so that they might speak a little bit more to my fellow Preachers who  find themselves in a similar situation, and just realized what day it is.  This one's for YOU guys!

The folllowing award-winning lyrics should be sung to that tune "Well, It's Saturday Night".  At least I think that's what its called.  Whatever.  Who cares?  Good luck, fellas!

Well it's Saturday night
And I ain't got no sermon, 
Ain't got no sermon 
For my church on Sunday.
Oh how I wish 
I could steal one from Olsteen
But his are way too lame.

As together we stand and sing.


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