Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I was sittin’ around thinkin’ about Heaven the other day...

...this is not unusual for Preachers, by the way.  It’s kinda like bein a Librarian and sittin' around thinkin’ about books, or bein’ an astronaut and eatin’ peanut butter out of a tube...some things you do just because of your job.  Anyhow...

I was sittin’ around thinkin’ about Heaven: the golden streets, the pearly gates, the mountains and mountains of never-ending edible chocolate church buildings (hey a guy can DREAM, can’t he?  I love Willie Wonka) when I remembered what I heard a preacher say one time about Heaven.

He said that one of the great things about Heaven would be the fact that it would be a place where we could year after year, eon after eon, for ever and ever spend time with our family.

Our family.  For all eternity.  Together.  At last.  ForEVER. Just us.  Wow.  That is...quite a concept. Are you kiddin’?

Look, between you and me - I don’t know that the thought of spending an ETERNITY with THE FAMILY - and by that I mean MY family is necessarily what I would call a “motivator” as far as the Heaven thing goes for ANY of us.  And anybody who says it IS a motivator, clearly hasn’t met certain members of my family.

I’m not sayin’ they’re bad people, or that I don’t want to see them IN Heaven - I’m just saying that there are SOME of us IN the family who have discovered that there are SOME family functions that are often enjoyed better when SOME members of the family fail to come to SOME of the family functions - and I’m ASSUMING Heaven might be the same way, that’s all.

Now that I think of it - maybe  that's how it should be anyhow.  Maybe the "family reunion aspect" we often place on the idea of Heaven wasn't ever supposed to be the reason we wanted to "go to Heaven".  Maybe there was a "bigger" point to the whole thing.
That being said...Cousin Carl...Heaven or not, that restraining order is still in effect.  Stay away from me.

Merry Christmas, everybody! 
As together we stand and sing.


AND DON'T's not too late to get your Preacher a copy of my new CD.  My guess is, your Preacher could really use some new material to steal from.   He do it for you.  If they HAD CDs for Blurches.

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